About the repeat pattern and the fabric design with the repeat pattern

The repetition of lines, shapes, colors, tones, forms, and structures in the repeat pattern in art and design. To discover the decorative elegance, the designer and artists were exploring with the patterns which help to communicate their intrinsic beauty. Not only the beauty but also they help to understand the structural form of the pattern. An essential skill for every designer is that the person should have the knowledge designing the repeat patterns. Through the history of design nowadays repeat patterns are almost found everywhere across all the cultures and then all the continents. So the repeat pattern design is found in various aspects. That is the repeat patterns are found in tiling, wallpaper, packaging, textiles, and also for the text and illustrations, it is used as the backdrops in the graphic media, and architectural forms, and also in jewelry patterns. In the set of two dimensions and as well in the three dimensions the wide range of media has a wide range of usage over it. For the best speed and accuracy, the most modern patterns designs are done on the computers. But in the historical structure, the pattern design is considered to be the craftsman that the skill of designing is identified in the great artist and artisans in the time and part of the history.

The greatest pattern designer:

William Morris is the person who was considered to be the greatest pattern designer in the year 1881 of the arts and craft movement. William Morris was the person who has delivered the lecture on the topic named some of the hints on pattern designing in London at the working men’s college. That the greatest pattern designer has described the good decorative patterns into unrest and callousness that something will not drive us. The decorative patterns are that remind us about our life beyond itself that helps to remind the imagination of the strength of the pattern design. And those great design patterns are done by the great pattern designers which are done with great difficulty and also with the greatest pleasure of the designing.

Fabric designing:

Designing and creating prints with beautiful patterns on the fabric is the job of the textile designer all day long. The textile designing is known as the best art of designing the fabric with various prints and patterns. According to the current trends and style specification, a textile designer makes use of creating patterns with their drawings and also the cultural and then the ethical consideration of designing and communicating through the medium of textiles. The designers arrange their patterns through some of the innovative and creative ways of printing and then designing the proper order over the fabric in the field of textile designing. In the part of designing the designers wants to convey their imagination and want to communicate their feelings to the customers. The deliberate planning over the designing of the fabric makes out with the randomly placed designs on the patterns in the field of textile designing. The repetition of the design is considered in various forms, designs, structures, and then the choice of the product.