Best Options for the Perfect SEO Training

What’s more, you do not have to be the greatest expert in the country to get results for a company, get it out of your head. The visit to will clear out everything.

How much does a digital marketing consultant earn?

It was cute, it was cool, change people’s lives and blah blah, but now we go to what matters a lot to many.


Some professionals complain that a consultant does not make a lot of money because you cannot scale the gains because technically, you sell your time, and as we all know, the time is finite. Now think to me: a producer pays up to 50% commission to an affiliate for selling a product, now imagine you generate 100, 200, 300 thousand for a company? When do you think you can charge to generate this result?

How much do you think you can charge to deliver such a service to a “joint” company?

Working as a consultant, you will meet many entrepreneurs (obvious, right?) And this can be sure that it will open you many doors to expand your business in the market. The fact is, how much you charge is linked directly to how much of a result you can generate for your customer.

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

To offer consulting services you need to be an expert on the subject, but be calm, you do not have to be the best in Brazil to achieve expressive results your knowledge just needs to be well applied.

Most of the time, for the company to start selling or re-selling, it just needs a single tool. And this tool may be in the hands of the digital marketing consultant. Now think of the following, imagine that you have a toolbox that can solve problems related to the marketing of various companies? Well, that’s what a consultant does.

So main tip is: Specialize yourself get good at some of these tools and slowly go assembling your toolbox, do not try to do everything at once, do not try to learn everything and read, listen to absorbing content from everyone.

Have a mentor

Having a mentor is not a must, but if you have one, you will save a lot of time and money. All great leaders of history have had great mentors, Aristotle, mentor of Alexander the Great; Gandhi, mentor to Martin Luther King, and so on.

Who can be this mentor?

Nowadays, it is very easy to find “mentors”. Your mentor does not necessarily need to be with you, of course, if you are mentoring side by side is much better.

With all the advancement in the area of ​​information extracting the best from people who do not know you has become something easy to do; we have several channels of communication entirely free, YouTube, Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts and etc.

The big thing is not following everyone, the biggest mistake of anyone who wants to start a career as a digital marketing consultant is to follow everyone, you have a lot of content spread over the internet, and the market is very broad, more than you can imagine.