The story of Princess Diana!

There has been so much floating in the air about the story of princess Dianna and her marriage life and the divorce she got from Prince Charles. But the thing is that Harper’s bazaar in Australia revealed a small amount of what was actually going through The mind of Princess Diana after she got separated from Charles. And it is really heartbreaking to hear all that Dianna had when through after the major divorce of her life has the news of the famous celebrities.

We spoke with the designer Jayson Brindson who was the designer for the royal family in the yearv1996. He revealed that Dianna was facing a lot of trauma after her split. He said that she would not wear any clothes that had a channel logo because she said that it made her remember too much about the affair between Charles and Camilla Parker

At a point in an Australian trip in which Jayson was the one who assisted the hairstylist of Dianna. He suggested Dianna should wear a pair of shoes that was the channel brand. Dianna politely refused that. He then recalled a scenario where Dianna, the princess came out with a hand full of shoes and bags that she was holding in her hand. She then dumped all the clothes, bags, and shoes that she had on her hand into the couch. When asked what is all that and why did she do that she went through all of them and found that all were al pair of channel shoes, bags, and clothes. She said that it will look great but I can not wear these were the logo consist of two c’s linked to each other. When asked why was she not able to wear anything that bore that logo, she said that it reminded her of “Charles and Camila”

The designer Jayson also added that it was the timing that was after the divorce she felt like this. She linked any Cs and then remind herself of the affair that Charles had with Camilla. The shoes aware soi is costly somewhere even made up of gold. It was so fresh even after the divorce also. Divorce of the famous couple Princess Dianna and Prince Charles took place in the year of 1996. Therefore, it is completely understandable why Dianna was not ready to towers anything that reminded her of Charles. Because it was just right after the divorce.

Some experts from finding freedom have depicted a clash between the prince harry and prince William. This is said that the clash is due to the information on the biography of the life of prince harry and Meghan Markle’s life that is floating around.

The writer of the royal has said that the pair have been speaking. They have not stopped talking and all but there is a heat that has taken place between them.

It is also said that William did not like Meghan joining the family. And he also said that Wharry was blindfolded because of lust and he did not like Meghan joining the royal family. Alos William sai to harry that “take as much time you want to know this girl” for which harry thought it was not reasonable for William to comment on his wife Meghan like this.