Developing solar panel and it’s different are analyses

Solar energy is considered a reliable and lasting energy source. Not only truly reliable and lasting energy source but also very, cost efficiency and effectiveness. Sun can generate, within 24 hours more energy they generate is more than the entire population, Sun generation power can produce world energy need for one year within only one minute by the sun generation power. Sun generation power can produce energy, consumed for 27years energy through the solar panel can be produced within 24 hours, For the entire population. It has many types of Solar Plant according to the environment which is perfectly matched and also used according to the climate. Backyard Revolution Solar makes us produce more electricity at a low cost. Due to technological development, we can save energy through generating, usage, and store from the sun’s energy. Solar energy e is developed step by step and it varies from generation to generation.

Awareness for solar panel and its categories

The technological development exists on the market known only for few peoples according to the technology development solar panel also developed as solar thermal and solar water heating. To heat water, classic type of solar panels is used. Green electricity different types of solar panels are used for generation to generation. Various types of solar panels like monocrystalline solar panel ( Mono-SI), polycrystalline solar panel ( Poly -SI), Thin – Film solar cells (A- SI), and Biohybrid solar the cell. High-efficacy rate and optimized for commercial use high lifetime value is given by expensive product like a monocrystalline solar panel. Sensitive to high temperature and lower life span and slightly less space efficiency by the lower price element is polycrystalline. According to the environment and expensive product launched in the market its technology. High performance and efficiency rate was provided for photovoltaic modules which convert photos into an electron by the silicon from the sunlight.

Developed according to the Generation

In the first generation is a traditional type of solar panel was used which is observed energy directly from the sunlight. The solar panel is made up of photovoltaic and silicon cover which is all used to convert photon to electron and magnetic fields like positive energy and negative energy. Monocrystalline it is the purest one and uniforms the dark look which is recognized and the rounded edges this is one of the highest efficiency rate made up to of silicon in high purity cause. This is the newest one reach about 20% in the market. This is considered as the highest on efficiency advantages of dis mono crystalline it occupies less space. Have high output it at high temperature these are the advantages of monocrystalline. Polycrystalline is made by metal in Raw silicon and it ha a blue speckled look and it is low efficiency. In the second generation, solar planet thin-film solar cell and Amorphous Silicon Solar cell this type of solar panel is the easiest one and unsuitable for residential installation. In the third generation of solar panel research was developed in phase. Biohybrid solar cell, cadmium telluride solar cell and concentrated PV cell for these type of solar panel has low carbon footprints efficiency rate up to 41%, curved mirror surface lenses and cooling systems and emulate the natural process of photo photosynthesis is that is the least developed in solar panel.