Erectile dysfunction: things to know

There is no definite reason for the condition called erectile dysfunction. From severe medical conditions to lifestyle, anything can be the cause. There are many therapies available to make the person suffering understand the condition better. These types of condition can cause a severe phycological damage than physical. For the disease of erection for male beings for treating them. Among many, the treatment for the hormones got popular while comparing with other treatments. The detailed information lies in the link creme macho man The details of the treatment will be discussed in the following.

The therapy by hormones may work in two different modes, it can be done by either completely halting the concerned body from the production of a hormone called testosterone. The other one is halting the produced testosterone to prevent reaching to the gland of the prostate with the cells of cancer. The cells which are related to the prostate may need the growth of testosterone. The complete control lies in the hormone of testosterone for the production and development of the gland prostrate.

It can have the ability to control the characteristics of the male like erections, the strength of the muscles and the growth of the testicles and penis. In the male body, the production of the hormone testosterone is manufactured by these testicles only.

Remedies can be a permanent cure

The hormone testosterone not only causes the problem and it may lead to the cancer of the prostate. The excess amount of the testosterone produced may lead to the growth of the cells of cancer quickly. If removal of the hormone testosterone completely from the body or completely blocked this action may help the concerned candidate for shrinking the cells in the body of cancer. The diagnosis of the hormone alone cannot cure the cancer of the prostate. If the person has the therapy on their own, the aim of the treatment for controlling the growth of the cells of cancer. By this therapy one can able to control over or delay in the management of the symptoms and the other combination of the treatment can be done to the patient for much effectiveness.

Hormonal therapy

The person those who have the cancer of prostate the therapy of hormone may help them for curing the disease up to some extent only. The treatment procedure will be of many and depends on various aspects of the body of the patient on which it is spread. If the cells of cancer didn’t spread the prostate then the treatment of hormones is enough. The hormone therapy used for killing the cells of cancer within the gland only not externally. Locally the treatment is very excellent for curing or remedy up to some extent. The details of the therapy in the following, the complete course takes six years of duration. In the very first six months, an external radio beam therapy is prescribed. The chance of spreading cancer may be low. Followed by permanent seeded brachytherapy and then brachytherapy.  For about three to five months the high-intensity ultrasound treatment is carried out for completely killing the cells of cancer.