Halloween Celebration for Your Child Now

If our child or our grandson is about to be around 31 October, you can think about organizing a Halloween birthday party. Being a real birthday party, you have to deal with invitations, which of course must be Halloween- themed pumpkin-shaped cards that open, or shaped like ghosts with Halloween designs inside. As a game, you can propose that of the mummy in which the little celebrated will be completely covered with toilet paper by his friends to become a perfect mummy. There are so many ideas for desserts to prepare, surely the scariest is the witch’s fingers, as well as for Halloween games. The use of https://halloweenmaskrt.com purge mask is essential in such a celebration.

What to do for Halloween?

Choose a theme and prepare invitations

Halloween is the feast of witches, monsters and ghosts, but even in this crazy universe, you can find a special theme to communicate to your guests. Among the themes you can choose: Halloween at the cinema, characters from Tim Burton’s movies (from Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland, you’ll be spoiled for choice) or classic monsters (Frankenstein and the wolfman ) or a vampire party since True blood and Twilight are cult items, or even a sexy version like devils and devils or something spatial or an all-woman pajama, maybe thinking about the election of the sexiest witch or one dedicated to children, perhaps proposing the villains of fairy tales as a theme. Then choose one of the Halloween phrases to complete the ticket.

Halloween, cool ideas for couple disguises

The important thing is to unleash the imagination, write a list of guests who know how to play and prepare ad hoc invitations. There are small pumpkins, casket-shaped cards, caramelized vampire teeth, and a red, orange or black envelope to get your terrifying invitation to your destination.

Decorate the house

The theme of your party will also help you prepare the table and decorate the house. If you opt for a classic Halloween, which recalls the peasant tradition, focus on orange / yellow / brown. Leaves, zucchini, candles, colored napkins for a relaxing dinner with the theme: wood creatures. If instead you are thinking of a haunted house or a more cinematic party, focus on black and fill the house with gravestones and witches. Low lights, bats on the walls, skeletons and cobwebs (in the shops there are fake, very scenic, to be distributed by exaggerating among chairs and paintings) they will do the rest.

In any case, we cannot miss candles, lanterns, candles and the classic Jack o ‘Lantern, excavated as we explained in our special Halloween decorations. The light will be rigorously turned off, the candelabra will think of the atmosphere.

Monstrous music and movies

Welcome your guests with a special compilation. Use ad hoc sound effects (if they are found on the internet) such as creaking doors or satanic laughter and then starting some chilling songs. Tap into the soundtrack of Deep Red, Halloween, Friday the 13th or any scary movie. Just a bit of organ music or a music box that breaks the silence to create fear.