Most interesting case held in chennai high court for family law

Once there was a case filed by a solicitors cardiff in the Chennai high court during the period old age homes are highly trending in the city side that time that case goes so viral with the people of Tamil Nadu and India because the content of that case was so different with the Indian history of law cases let me explain the case history that was started by two brothers and their name was Rama Subra Manium is 52 years old was the elder brother and Bala Subra Manium is 48 years old was the younger brother they both have 4 years difference

We have seen many brothers fighting for their parent’s money parent’s land parent’s jewel and parent’s properties but these brothers are very different because they are fighting for taking care of their father and mother in their last stages their father is 89 years old and mother is 87 years old we can easily say the statement for their case as an elder brother can take care of father and younger brother can take care of mother but the old people wish to stay together and they don’t want to get separate each other as their love bonding for these years is too high this was the first point to see and the second point is both of them don’t have any property or money or jewel with them they don’t even have money for their next lunch so these brothers are want to take care of their father and mother for love and blessing, not for other things

Then the very important third point, in this case, is their father and mother need both their sons they don’t have any issues with both the brothers so we can next judge that both the brothers can stay in one house and keep their father and mother happy forever but they don’t want that to happen because the elder brother and younger brother hate each other so this cannot be a good judgment then the fourth very important point is they both are equal in money character caring and everything this is the next huge similarity with both the brothers the judges are very confused to say the judgment and the fifth important thing is they cannot travel from elder brother house to younger one house they can stay with only one that one person can be elder one Rama Subra Manium or the younger one Bala Subra Medium

Hence this case gone viral with all the people of India and all the judicial person within the country set a board meeting to solve this problem they had read the constitution of India many times to find the solution but they cannot find that then one year passed with the same case the final judgment for this case is given by five top judges in India they said that both the elder and younger brother take a new big home along with their family they both should stay together with their father and mother but both the brothers are not ready to accept this judgment but the judges passed a family law for this case and this should be a statement then it’s accepted