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There are many weight loss supplements, drugs and pills are available in the markets, but before taking any of these supplements you need to know more about them by reading the weight loss supplement Resurge review and the various supplements are caffeine, pills, Garcinia fruit extract, glucomannan, and linoleic acid.


A stimulant taken from coffee, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate is known as caffeine, there is a study on fat young people and it declares that those who take caffeine experience a decrease in their weight and fat limits compared to the weight of the young people who don’t take caffeine, this caffeine is also used as dietary supplements and pills.

This caffeine also has some side effects like sleeping trouble, increasing the heartbeat rate, and nervousness.


Some weight loss pills are available in the markets but can be purchased only with a doctor’s prescription and though various pills are available in the shops many of these pills on the shops, work by creating it firmer to engross nutritional fat or suppressing the hunger.

Qsymia is one of the common pill used for weight loss, these pills may result in some weight loss process, but these pills have some side effects that include diarrhea, pain in stomach and dry mouth.

Garcinia fruit extract:

Garcinia is one of the fruit which comprises hydroxycitric acid, which is used as an ingredient in the weight loss products. This fruit’s extract comprises the liquids from this little fruit and is also available as a pill for weight loss process.

Iyase is citric acid is a fat-producer, which has been stopped by the Garcinia fruit extract. There is a shred of scientific evidence that declares that this fruit’s extract helps the people to lose their weights but another one study states that the result of this extract in long-standing clinical lines and many studies is not proven till now.

Though this fruit extract doesn’t work more in the weight loss process, it doesn’t cause any side effects for those who take this fruit extract and should be taken in sensible doses. When a person takes this fruit extract 2,800 mg per day it doesn’t cause any major side effects declared by a report.


It is one type of fiber supplement, which is used with water and it absorbs the water in the instinctive, which leads to a sensation of fullness that induces the people to take less food. There is a conflict about whether this Glucomannan help in weight loss or not, however, it is used by many people for weight reduction.

There is a study taken from more than 170 young people results that this Glucomannan results in the weight loss after using it for some time. It also causes some side effects like pain in the stomach, gas, and diarrhea.

Linoleic acid:

This acid is one of the greasy acids which has been found in the dairy and beef, it is known as one of the good fat loss medicine for its ability to reduce the hunger and increase the metabolism. Most of the studies say that it has been a good supplement which results in weight loss and it also has some side effects, this acid is not appropriate for diabetes patients.