The outlook of investor relation in the Volkswagen

In the world economy level in 2020 had a negative growth rate in the anticipated group board of management in Volkswagen. They spread the result SARS-coV-2 of the coronavirus. They had some belive to continue the risks they tendencies to arise protectionist, the financial market turbulence, and deficits of structural in the countries of the individual. There is some additional growth in prospects of a negative impact on the tension of continuing geopolitical. They may experience both decline economic performance in the economic and emerging market to be experiencedlook at this Transporter web-site in the invest relation.

There is some recovery in the economy expected to originate in the course of 2020. There are scenarios in the development of passenger development in car markets in individual regions of 2020. They tend to currently take account to be experienced at the economic level. There are some reflections in the different timing in the pandemic of COVID 19 in the variety of geographic regions. There some volume in the expert of global demand for the new vehicle of 2020 to be between 15 % and 20 % less than the previous year. In Europe, 20 % of the new car registration had fallen 20 % with comparing with the previous year. They assume the very sharp decline cases in the second quarter which is followed in the recovery shift of the third quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter reaches almost the previous figure. The financial service is very important in the worldwide vehicle sale of 2020.

Investing group

The diversity brand in the presence of the all major world and there is expanded product range in their selective board. They put a competitive position worldwide in their service and technologies. There is some transformation in the core business in the group of positioning brands in the focus of the stronger in their characteristics and vehicle optimizing and portfolio of the driver. There is a carbon footprint to be focused on in the vehicle fleet and the most attractive and market statement of fast-growing. There is an advantage in the working of a multibranded group in the ongoing development of some technologies of new and making sure of their toolkits.

There will be customer delivery in the Volkswagen business group it reduces down to the previous year 2020 due to the impact of COVID 19. Some particular challenges will arise in the intensity of increasing competition. There a volatile commodity and foreign exchange in some markets. The revenue sale of the Volkswagen group and their division to fall significantly down to the previous year. They had consistency in forwarding of the e-mobility in the driving of Volkswagen and virtually commitment in any other automaker in the year of 2025. The group plans to build and sell 3 million of the car per year which is depending on the development of the market. There are nearly 80 groups of new electric models are available and it includes 50 electric powered pure vehicles. They invest highly in the Volkswagen Group in the mobility for future use. they had some digital conductivity and new mobility service in the autonomous driving. There are new joint ventures in china for spending the future billion.