The First the Last Thing You Will Need To Know About Hard Drive Recovery

To make a choice even more difficult, some manufacturers supply a USB cable with a smaller connector. This is a usb-c cable. Of course, you can only connect it if your computer has a USB-C connection contains. An advantage is that this connection type supports the usb3.1 standard so that you benefit from a higher transfer speed. Always check in the specifications which maximum USB standard is supported because that might just as well be USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. Furthermore, unlike the traditional USB-A port, you cannot connect this new USB connection incorrectly. With hard drive recovery service this is a perfect deal.

Another advantage is that you can link the drive directly to a smartphone or tablet, provided that the mobile device has a USB-C port. A favourable development is that more and more devices are equipped with a USB-C connection. Useful to know is that the usb-c connector supports more protocols besides the usb standard, such as Thunderbolt 3. Moreover, you also use this connector to charge mobile devices, provided that the external drive supports this function. Does your computer not have a usb-c? No problem, because with most external disks there is an adapter cable that you can use to connect the storage station to a regular USB port.

Thunderbolt 3

Some hard drives support the thunderbolt3 protocol. This standard is best known among owners of a recent Mac or MacBook. It is striking that the protocol uses a usb-c connector. The main spearhead is a higher throughput of up to 40 Gbit / s. LaCie, in particular, develops many external drives that support both thunderbolts 3 and usb-c. This manufacturer also designs products with a thunderbolt2 connection.


There is a lot of quality difference between the external hard drives in the case. Cheap products usually have a plastic exterior. You can often indent these, making these discs extra sensitive to fall and impact damage. If you are willing to invest more money, choose a copy with an aluminium exterior. In general, they can take a beating. If you want to take it seriously, there are also external disks with rubber protection for sale. The Rugged series from LaCie is a well-known example of this. These products are (splash) water, fall and shock resistant, making them very suitable for outdoor use at a campsite, for example.


Many people use an external drive to keep a backup of their files. Well-known manufacturers such as Toshiba, Western Digital, LaCie and Seagat, therefore, add special software to make copies of files. With this, you determine, for example, that you want to write a backup to the external disk at a fixed time every day. For example, Western Digital adds Acronis True Image to certain products, which you can use to back up the entire system.

It is not mandatory to use the enclosed software. You also let the external drive work effortlessly with other backup programs. In addition to backup software, manufacturers also provide a security program with the better disks, so that you can protect the content with a password if you wish. By encrypting the data, unauthorized persons cannot access the files.